Beware of Garnage Trucks by David J. Pollay

What People Are Saying About David J. Pollay and
The Momentum Project™ ’s Programs

“Your presentation was one of the most motivational things I have been to. Your speech was the most captivating speech that I have ever heard. You really have the ability to empower an entire room of people. This is something that few people in this world have. Thank you for your dedication to making people smile.”
- Missy Shields, Atlanta, Georgia

“I want to start off by thanking you for imparting your knowledge of leadership and Positive Psychology. I know that I can speak for everyone by saying that your workshop was enlightening and inspirational. I think your message is needed.”
- Katherine Thrower, Athens, Georgia

“It was wonderful meeting you on Saturday. During the rest of the conference, you should be proud to know how often elements of your workshop were referenced. Both the content of your presentation and the personality behind it were deeply inspirational and impactful.”
- Drew Klein, New Haven, Connecticut

“Thanks to you for the best session I've ever participated in. I came home excited to tell my family about the amazing feeling I left with that evening. Good luck with your work!”
- Andrew Martin, Washington, D.C.

“It's somewhat difficult to describe just how genuine, caring, charismatic and humble David is as a person, but suffice it to say that he touched every member of the audience in some special way. I know that my experience would not have been anywhere near as powerful if it were not for him. Gratitude is something that David speaks about often, and I hope that he is aware of the gratitude that I and every other member feel toward him.”
- Ralph Panebianco, Sydney, Australia

“Well, I must say that my team and I were more than impressed about your performance. The way you held the masses in your hands with all the messages you transmitted was more than fantastic!!!! WOW! We were really impressed! The team really wanted to meet in person the man who has had such a great influence on the development of our team!”
- Loana Dolcos, Buccharest, Romania

“I can see how we changed our perspective on many points and now I can see it in our behaviors based on your stories, capacity buildings, attitudes and inspiration. You are an inspiration and an example, a great individual.”
- Marcelo Costa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I just wanted to say thank you once again for being so inspiring. The conference would not have been the same without the passion and energy you brought. Thank you for teaching us so many important lessons.”
- Yat Wan Yeung, Vienna, Austria

“More than one week has passed from the end of the conference and I am still thinking how fortunate and grateful I am that you were there. Thank you for all the optimism, energy and positive approach you brought to the conference and in the intimate dialogues you had with a number of us, including myself.”
- Meto Trajkovski, Paris, France

“Your short stories related to positive psychology will stay with me forever. I have already shared them with my relatives. Thank you so much for them.”

- Ilma Stankeviciute, Vilnius, Lithuania