Beware of Garnage Trucks by David J. Pollay

The Momentum Project™ helps leaders and their organizations build and sustain powerful momentum to achieve their goals. The promise of The Momentum Project™ is to help leaders mobilize their teams to reach levels of performance never before achieved. The Momentum Project™ fulfills this promise by helping leaders put into practice the principles of Strengths-Based Positive Psychology Leadership Development™.

Leaders who participate in our programs learn:

  • The Momentum Project™'s "ADAPT Strengths Model™" of development
  • The Momentum Project™'s "THE KEY TEST™" of Momentum Model

Our mission is to help leaders maximize the use of their top strengths and those of their employees to achieve their goals.

The Momentum Project™ is a "Momentum Building" organization based in Delray Beach, Florida. We work with clients who have been referred to us. Our clients are already successful, and want to get better.

To see if you qualify, email us.